Laxay is a crofting village in the district of Lochs, 12 miles south of Stornoway along the A859 to Harris.

There are two cemeteries in or near Laxay. The first, Kinloch Cemetery, just to the northeast of the village, does (to my knowledge) not contain wargraves. The second one, the old cemetery lies 350 yards east of the Kinloch Church of Scotland (at the western end of the village). It shows up quite clearly on the hillside beside the road. Entry is at a gate with a track that angles up a slope, below two private houses. It is advisable to park at the church and walk back.

The cemetery lies draped over a hilltop, but the wargraves are only located in the northern and central parts. When walking up the access track, those are the areas ahead and to the right. The lower, more recent part, of the cemetery to the left does not contain any wargraves.

Grid reference: NB324218 Coordinates: 58°06'17.89"N 6°32'34.22"W

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