Ness, Old Cemetery

Ness lies some 25 miles north of Stornoway along the A857, and comprises of a dozen villages. It has two graveyards, which lie within a few hundred yards of each other on the machair, the grassland above the sea.

They are easiest approached from the village of Habost, where a sign outside the Folk Museum points to Cladh Nis. About a mile from the village, the road ends at the new cemetery.

The old cemetery can be reached on foot ONLY. It can be approached from the village shop in Swainbost, where a road leads towardes Swainbost Farm, thence a track to the shore. Cross the bridge across the river, after which the cemetery is draped across the hillside to your right. It is unfortunately choked up with rocks, weeds and blown sand, and requires a sure foot to negotiate. An exit gate exists at the top of the graveyard, which offers a shortcut to the modern cemetery.

Grid reference: NB507638
Coordinates: 58°29'30.63"N 6°16'34.86"W

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