Cathaidh Dhonnachaidh Mhoir
Last address in Lewis: Eishken
Daughter of Duncan Alexander and Margaret Macrae, of Balallan.
Service unit: Auxiliary Territorial Service, Royal Artillery, attd. 449 Bty., 130 H.A.A. (H) Regt.
Service number: W/81981
Date of death: 15 September 1942 at the age of 25
Died of diphtheria whilst on active service
Interred: Laxay Cemetery, North Extn. 13th Row from West Wall.
Local memorial: Kinloch, Laxay

Last address in Lewis: 21 Sheshader
Service unit: Royal Naval Reserve, HMS Victory
Service number: 2559A
Date of death: 3 January 1919 at the age of 26
Died of illness
Interred: Aignish / Eye Cemetery, grave C. 8
Local memorial: Point (Garrabost)

Last address in Lewis: 8 Portvoller
Service unit: Merchant Navy MV Pizarro
Date of death: 31 January 1941 at the age of 30
Lost on ship sunk by Italian submarine
Memorial: Tower Hill, panel 82
Local memorial: Point, Garrabost
Mentioned on family gravestone in Eye Cemetery, Lewis

Last address in Lewis: 26 Lewis Street, Stornoway
Son of James and Catherine MacRae, of Viewfield, Lewis St., Stornoway. Born at Stornoway.
Service unit: 13th Yorkshire Regiment
Service number: 235609
Date of death: 23 November 1917 at the age of 39
Died of wounds in Field Hospital
Interred: Hermies British Cemetery, grave G. 9
Mentioned on gravestone in Sandwick Cemetery
Local memorial: Lewis War Memorial; Nicolson Institute WW1, right panel
Came from Chili to enlist. Went to Gallipoli. Struck down with dysentery and invalided home. On being passed again for service went to France with Yorkshires.

Leading Deckhand MALCOLM MACRAE
Last address in Lewis: 42 Lower Bayble
Service unit: Royal Navy, HMS Wallington
Service number: 1600/SD
Date of death: 4 November 1916 at the age of 30
Died of illness at Grimsby
Interred: Grimsby, Scartho Road Cemetery, grave 42 B. 17
Mentioned on gravestone in Eye Cemetery

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