Bhaltos [Valtos] is located in the district of Uig, some 30 miles from Stornoway. It can be reached along the B8011 from Garynahine. At Miavaig, turn right onto the Valtos peninsula, and take the left-hand road on the circular road round. The cemetery is located on a hillside above Cliff beach, a quarter of a mile before the village of Valtos.

Please park any cars at a walled cemetery on the left-hand (seaward) side of the road. Please refrain from parking in the passing places; this is a single-track road up a steep hill, where the passing places should only be used for their legitimate purposes.

The older graveyard, containing the wargraves, is located a hundred yards off the road, and can only be reached by walking through a field and up a slope. Please refrain from taking DOGS through the field, and try to avoid disturbing any livestock. Close all gates behind you. The below picture shows the access route to the cemetery from the roadside gate.

Grid reference: NB089367
Coordinates: 58°13'22.45"N 6°57'35.80"W

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